Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keep the Faith

About a year ago, I set out on this journey to take care of myself and my body, by having 2 (or possibly 4) painful surgeries that would help me relieve constant pain in the balls of my feet. At that time, I was anxious, I was afraid of the unknown, I was quitting my job because of a move to CT and to allow myself time to fully recover without worrying that I had to answer to someone, and I was basically diving in head first, not knowing how cold or rocky the water might be.

The only sure thing I had was faith that everything would be ok and that I had God on my side. I won't say it's been an easy year, it's been full of ups and downs, pain and relief, moments of tears and moments of laughter, going through the first procedure and seeing how successful it went and how well my foot is doing now. I've had a chance to stop and reflect on my life, had an opportunity to get closer and bond with my sisters, lean on my parents for their love and support, see John and I overcome another hurdle together which will continue to make us stronger for the future, and see who my true friends are.

As I approach the end of this journey, God's been giving me MANY reasons to smile (and Lord knows I need them)....I have a wonderful Caribbean cruise to look forward to on my birthday in March when I'll get to introduce my new feet to my favorite thing in the world - a beach! Then the most perfect job appears out of nowhere and they decide to wait for me to recover, and the latest gift He's given me...I get a letter from Social Security this weekend that they have made a decision that is fully favorable to me!!!!!!!!!!! This is just soooo unbelievable!! SS has denied my disability claim TWICE that I had to hire an attorney and we've been patiently waiting for a hearing date sometime next year!!! Then out of thin air, I get this news...There's no other explanation than the Big Guy upstairs showing me that even though sometimes we may be dealt a difficult hand in life, He is here for us and I am so grateful for that...

I just wanted to write this entry to say keep the faith, believe in something greater than yourself, and always have hope. If at times it seems He has forgotten us, then maybe it's just our turn to learn a lesson in life, and sure enough, in due time, things will appear out of nowhere to show us we've had our down so there's nowhere else to go but up!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I miss walking....

It's been one month since my surgery and I am officially over being in bed! I miss walking and putting my foot down sooo much and I just can't wait to be able to do it again! I have 9 more days til my next doctor visit when my cast will be off for good...and hopefully FOREVER!

I think this time I'm a little more impatient to get this process over with. Last time I knew I still had one more surgery to go and had endless time off. Now I have a wonderful job waiting for me and I can't wait to start! All my suits and work clothes have been sitting in the closet for a year waiting for this, but I'll definitely have to go out and buy new shoes. I can't wait to stop paying for health insurance on my own. I am excited to know that Christmas and New Year's will be paid holidays again this year. I can't wait to see money coming IN to my account instead of OUT (well, it'll still come out but you know what I mean).

It's funny that I haven't dreaded Mondays in a year, or looked forward to a Friday, or complained about the crappy weather to commute in, or had work drama. It's ironic that in life, at least my life, there's no half way. Before I was always on the go, always tired, always ready for the weekend or a vacation. And now I am too rested sometimes, sleep whatever time I want, wake up as late as I want, yet I'm dying to go back.

I'm sure I'll still complain about Mondays and still look forward to the weekends but I'll have a new appreciation for being ABLE to work, for being ABLE to drive when and where I want, for being INDEPENDENT. Plus this time around I'll be doing it with new feet, that don't hurt with every step...this is beyond exciting for me!!! I am so grateful that I've had the opportunity to take this time off but I am ready to get back to my life. CMT will always be there along the way, but I'm definitely not ready to completely stop so CMT better slow her butt down so I can still have a lot more productive years in my life.

Friday, October 15, 2010


As I have mentioned in earlier entries, I started this blog out of convenience (aka laziness), so I wouldn't have to repeat the same stories to my sisters who live in Brazil, my parents and my boyfriend. I also intended for it to be my online diary, a means for me to remember this journey I embarked on to research and eventually undergo reconstructive foot surgery (TWICE!!).

I never imagined this blog would connect me with so many fellow CMT'ers, who I could share my stories with, who would cheer me on along the way, and give me so many helpful tips. I have met other bloggers who I love to follow and read their stories, become more involved with the CMT community, and made some new friends. I had no idea this amazing CMT blogsphere existed!!!

Never did I imagine in a million years that anyone would want to read my thoughts and ramblings - including some of the 5 people I mentioned above...not to mention any names, MOM, DAD, or JOHN!!! LOL.

Recently, Google added a "Stats" button to my blog toolbar and look where my blog is being read: US, Brazil, Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK, Latvia, India, Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand, Netherlands, Lebanon, France, and Russia. Oh-em-Geeeeee!!!!

Soooo cool!!
I am sooo excited about the response I've received and I'm truly humbled by it. I just wanted to say HI if you are reading this all the way across the world or just across the Hudson River. If we haven't "met" yet, feel free to reach out to me...I would LOVE to hear your story. You can email me at

Monday, October 11, 2010

When Twin A met Twin B

I went to my 1st post-op appointment this past Thursday and got to meet my new right foot. It was such a relief to see it and know that everything went well. Dr. Feldman was extremely pleased with the results and how my foot is recovering. I got a new cast that will come off on November I just have to sit tight and anxiously wait til then.

How beautiful is my new foot?  :)
My Identical Twins