Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Officially a Pill Popper!

My supplements finally arrived in the mail today!!! As much as I am not looking forward to taking all these pills every day, I'm really excited to see the results!

Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Healthy, But Stressed!

I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Kessler this week and I am really excited about the treatment options we discussed. He mentioned again that he obviously won't be treating CMT, but will be doing as much as possible to help my body have more energy and to feel better.

Overall, I'm pretty healthy (who would've thunk it!), but my body is stressed. No diabetes, no lupus, no thyroid problems, no lyme disease, blood pressure is fine, etc, etc. Then on to where the body needs of my thyroid hormones (T3) is a little higher than usual which makes my body sluggish. My hormones are unbalanced, my progesterone is really low and my estrogen/testosterone levels are normal, but on the low side. My stress hormones are pretty much sucking the life out of them and it makes me feel like I have nothing left to give.

One interesting fact is I should not eat mercury fish under any circumstances, which is mostly ok by me, except for the amazing tuna sandwiches that John makes that I'll have to give up :(  The body usually takes 2-3 weeks to get the mercury out of its system, mine is doing it in 6-9 MONTHS!!!! My digestive system is also not doing so good, I may not have enough stomach acid to digest the proper nutrients that I need.

I was really pleased with how he analyzed my results and all the natural medication I can take to regulate the hormones in my body where it most needs it. He prescribed me a TON of natural meds to start taking immediately and I'll be taking them religiously for a month, when I'll go in for another follow up. If all the pills get to be too much, he highlighted some that I can stop taking for now. And I prepped myself to pay at least $1,000 for this visit, given how many meds I was ordering, but for curious minds, it all came out to $768, including the doctor's visit....a nice investment on my health :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

It's been a while since I wrote on here, but I'm a working woman again so I've been a lot more tired and had a LOT less free time to write. But today is a snow day here again and I am hanging out in the comfort on my home. Thankfully we have been hit with 3 storms over the last couple of weeks and that has gotten me two free days off work and one early dismissal!!! Now, normally I would not be a fan of all this snow, but I can definitely use a day off at home during the week.

And it's also been just absolutely beautiful in town too
I actually have some great foot updates lately too...My right foot has finally turned the corner and has gotten so much better. The first couple of weeks at work were tough with the swelling, having to keep it elevated so much, not being able to move very well and also not being able to rest like I did with my left foot. About 2 weeks ago, I started to ditch the boot and crutches at work (I haven't used them at home in a while but I was being safe in the office) and also started to wear sneakers. This week I started to wear real shoes, pretty new shoes that I've been buying and the swelling is down considerably. It's such a huge relief. I am feeling so much better and stronger. I have even started to cook again and taken out all the "old lady" paraphernalia out of my bathroom.

Next week I'm going back to see Dr. Kessler for our follow up visit. While everything has gotten so much better, the pain in my thighs and my lack of energy have not changed but I am very hopeful that he's gonna have a trick up his sleeve. I'll write more after my visit with him. For now, I'm gonna go make a cup of hot chocolate and sit on the couch under the blankets.