Friday, October 15, 2010


As I have mentioned in earlier entries, I started this blog out of convenience (aka laziness), so I wouldn't have to repeat the same stories to my sisters who live in Brazil, my parents and my boyfriend. I also intended for it to be my online diary, a means for me to remember this journey I embarked on to research and eventually undergo reconstructive foot surgery (TWICE!!).

I never imagined this blog would connect me with so many fellow CMT'ers, who I could share my stories with, who would cheer me on along the way, and give me so many helpful tips. I have met other bloggers who I love to follow and read their stories, become more involved with the CMT community, and made some new friends. I had no idea this amazing CMT blogsphere existed!!!

Never did I imagine in a million years that anyone would want to read my thoughts and ramblings - including some of the 5 people I mentioned above...not to mention any names, MOM, DAD, or JOHN!!! LOL.

Recently, Google added a "Stats" button to my blog toolbar and look where my blog is being read: US, Brazil, Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK, Latvia, India, Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand, Netherlands, Lebanon, France, and Russia. Oh-em-Geeeeee!!!!

Soooo cool!!
I am sooo excited about the response I've received and I'm truly humbled by it. I just wanted to say HI if you are reading this all the way across the world or just across the Hudson River. If we haven't "met" yet, feel free to reach out to me...I would LOVE to hear your story. You can email me at


Anonymous said...

If the internet never existed, I would probably be 33 and still waiting to meet someone with CMT. (Other than my son, natch). It is so phenominal to have a place to share stories/tips/encouragement.

PS - Have I mentioned that I am totally, insanely jealous that you live so close to Manhatten...the greatest place in the world??? SO JEALOUS!

Your blog continues to rock! :)

Lenka said...

Yay! I love that google map! We're getting the word out all over the world!

Awesome work! I am also hugely grateful for the online CMT Community. What an amazing group of people!

Like Nic said, keep rockin' it! :)

Michele said...

Thanks ladies! It really is awesome to have this online CMT community that we can talk to. I am excited every time I see a new country pop up in my stats :)

Anonymous said...

I guess you should add Spain to your map ;)

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