Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cristian & Ivete....

Today I am so so sooooo happy! Happy that I decided to re-schedule my surgery to September 20 (It was originally scheduled for August 27). So happy that it has been four and a half months since my first surgery and I'm feeling so great.

Yesterday, September 4 was just an amazing day.

First, I got to meet my little nephew that came into the world at 4:38am...Cristian is healthy and chunky at 8lbs 10oz and 21 inches long. He is just so beautiful and adorable! Congratulations to John's sister, Heather, and her husband, Joe.

Then, I headed off to Jersey where I would go see my idol, my favorite singer/performer of all time, Ivete Sangalo, perform and record her 4th DVD at Madison Square Garden in NYC. I bought these tickets months ago when I was still laying in bed with a cast on my leg, not knowing how I would be feeling by today. But I love her so much that I would have gone even if I had to sit in my wheelchair the entire night. It was a FANTASTIC show and it truly felt like we were back in Salvador....Bahia....Brazil....

To see more info about her show, click HERE

I've gone to many of her concerts back in Brazil and to think that this time she would be here, so close to us...I really couldn't imagine myself not going to this, regardless of what condition I'd be in by now.

I am so thankful that my foot is feeling better...I danced, jumped and sang at the top of my lungs for 3 hours...of course taking breaks to sit down during the slow songs. And to my wonderful surprise, my new footsie wasn't even swollen when I got home and didn't need to be iced. I enjoyed the chance to party because in 2 weeks I'll be back in a cast...starting the next chapter of my recovery process.

Since I still have 2 more weeks of freedom, I'm going to enjoy baby Cristian as much as I can, celebrate John's birthday on September 8, go to a wedding on the 10th and dance with my hunny, hang out with friends and family....

I am so ready for this surgery. I can tell how much better my new foot is compared to the old one and I'm ready to have two new feet ... I hope the 2nd time around is as great as the 1st one....


I'm Nic. said...

Congrats on your nephew! My niece made me a first time aunt last year and I was blessed with a nephew a few months ago! I tease my sister that being an Aunt is my reward for giving up my "Only Child" status! :) (I'm the oldest)
I'm glad you got to enjoy your concert sans cast. I appreciate the stress of facing down a surgery date - particularly when you know what awaits you in the pain/recovery department. But think of it this way - in two weeks you will no longer have to worry about anticipating surgery and you can look forward to having two much enhanced footsies!
Hang in there!! :)

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