Friday, September 7, 2012

GRRRRRR Insurance and YAYYYY Sisters

Last night I got the letter I have been expecting...not surprisingly, my health insurance DENIED my request for more physical therapy. Beyond frustrating! They refuse to listen to the fact that we are trying to treat CMT and keep it at bay for as long as possible. They are stuck on my feet and keep saying that my feet are not showing improvement. No kidding, Sherlock! I have been treating MY LEGS, for their pain and feet are what they are and are actually not giving me too many problems. Is that so difficult to comprehend? Now I have to deal with the whole appeal process when I get back home?

Get back home? Where in the world is Michele, you might ask? I am in Brazil, hanging out with my favorite peepz in this whole wide world, my thunder buddies, my two sisters...Kalila and Milena. So I will try to forget this annoyance and enjoy my time with them while it lasts and re-charge my batteries so I can kick some insurance butt when I get home!!


NatteringNic said...

Yay Brazil. Nay insurance denial. Savour your time with your sisters...and all that warm weather! :)

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