Monday, October 8, 2012

Scootin' On...

Posing with my new ride!
It's no secret that my life has changed quite a bit over the last couple of years and due to my CMT progression I have been a much more avid user of my wheelchair. The wheelchair is great because it allows me to do so much more, but it has a few drawbacks. It's very tiring for whoever is pushing me around (John got calluses in his hands from pushing me around for an entire weekend when we went to Newport, RI two years ago), I don't feel very "free" in it because I am taken places instead of going where I want or stopping when I want, and I feel like I have no control. Sometimes, in a crowd, my "pusher" may not realize how close they get to people in front of me and that gets me a bit anxious.

I have been wanting a scooter for a while to have the freedom to go at my own pace and to allow John or my dad to enjoy themselves more when we're on an outing. A friend of ours was kind enough to give me a power chair a couple of years ago but it's really bulky and heavy - we need at least 2 people to be able to load it into the car.

I became a member of the MDA a while back and recently heard of their loan closet. While I was away in Brazil visiting my sisters, I emailed my MDA rep asking if they had a scooter in their closet that I could take and luckily they did!!! The process was extremely easy! The supply store got in touch with me once I got back and I just picked it up last week. It's nice, light, fits in my trunk, can be lifted by one person, and it's sassy like its owner - it's a beautiful bright red :)

We were away last Thursday and Friday at a friend's wedding in Massachusetts and we heard of Old Sturbridge Village, which was only 5 minutes away from where we were staying, and what a great tour it would be. It's a living museum located in Sturbridge, MA, which re-creates life in rural New England during the 1790's through 1830's. I highly recommend it. And I was super excited to take my scooter for the first ride...I cannot even put into words how happy I am to have it!!!! It was wonderful! I felt so independent being able to steer myself and honestly, it's also a lot cooler than the wheelchair. Somehow it made me feel less "disabled" if that makes any are some pics of my riding around this beautiful place...

Loving life on my scooter!!!


Melissa said...

Your scooter is definitely sassy, just like you! I can totally relate to feeling anxious when someone is pushing you in a wheelchair. So glad the process for you getting one was so easy!

NatteringNic said...

Such a sassy set of wheels! Love them! Yes...manual wheelchairs suck...especially when the driver is continuously running your toes into walls, doors, displays...etc. :)

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