Monday, July 22, 2013

A Slice of Hope for CMT

Thanks to my physical and pool therapies, the right medication and lots of faith and praying, I have been feeling better the past couple of months. As CMT Awareness Month quickly approaches, I felt the desire to do more this plan my first fundraiser and awareness event!!! It's definitely a bit daunting to take on the responsibility but the idea has been received really well by everyone, especially the wonderful support group I'm a part of.

My husband was born and raised in the town where we live and he works. Needless to say, he knows everyone. So I thought I could take advantage of that and plan an event at our local firehouse where he's a member and ask local business to participate by donating the food and sponsoring our event. All money raised will benefit the CMTA STAR Research Program.

We have lots of ideas in the works but I wanted to share our flyer and sponsor form case anyone would like to contribute. Very excited for this to be a very successful event!

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