Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a special birthday week!

My birthday was 2 days ago...March 3. Growing up, I was annoyingly excited about my birthday every year...I'd start the countdown at New Year's and announce it to the family every day (LOL - imagine growing up with that girl!). As we get older, I still love my birthday but I definitely don't fuss as much or plan huge things.

This year, I wanted to see all my friends and really enjoy myself while I could still walk places on my own 2 feet. My mom says I'm acting as if I'm gonna die but that's not it. I just wanted to have fun without it being a burden, without having to worry about a huge boot, crutches, etc. and get to see all the people I really care about because I'm gonna be out of commission for a little while.

So event #1 was a birthday in Jersey with friends at Las Palmas Restaurant. It was such a fun fun night filled with laughter, catching up with everyone and just having a good ol' time. I saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while and some who I just went away with. Like Laura's beautiful card said, I may not see or talk to you all the time, but you are still one of my closest friends. And that's how I feel about all the people that came out.

On the actual day of my birthday, John said we had to leave the house exactly at 11:40am and he was blindfolding me! How super duper exciting! First, because I've never been blindfolded and second because I love surprises. I thought he might take me to the spa but he drove in circles and completely confused me...but finally we pulled up at the spa!!!!!!! He got me a 60 minute facial and 90 minute swedish/hot stone massage. Oh how I love him!!! And he also took the day off, which I didn't know about. As I got treated like a princess, I really thanked God for all my blessings and for this special week in my life. Later, John took me to eat my favorite: crab legs, crab cakes, and a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

He doesn't usually spoil me like this...but given the circumstances, he wanted me to have a great memorable and relaxing birthday so I can look back on this in a few weeks time and remember how happy I was.

Since I didn't know he would be off work, I had already said I would be going to my church study group. On my way to therapy (one needs to heal the body and soul), I called my parents' house and got no answer. I had a great session and left to go to church. On my way to church I called their house again and no answer. Then finally a light bulb went off in my head. THEY'RE COMING TO CT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! When I turned the corner on the right street, I saw my mom's car and her NJ plates! I got so excited that I dropped my phone under my car. GREAT! And to my surprise, my friends from church also planned a little birthday party for me there.

Today, we also got to have dinner with John's family for my birthday and it was just such a great time. And tomorrow, we are having our game night/potluck birthday dinner with many dear friends here in CT...this has been an incredibly awesome birthday!

Not to mention all the loving text messages, emails, phone calls, facebook/orkut (this is Brazilian facebook) posts...

It's funny how things that happen in your life that would make you think they are a negative can make you feel the complete opposite way. I feel SO SO loved by so many special people and I really feel their support and prayers. And I KNOW how many people are pulling for me. So when I think about it, I can only be grateful to God for giving me the strength to go through with this and for giving me all the tools in life to prepare for such a moment and not question "Why me?" I know exactly why's a lesson I am here to learn and He was so kind to send me all these beautiful and amazing people to help me through this journey.


victor said...

Lelé li todo o seu blog e achei muito legal,vc e uma garota fantastica vem passando por tudo isso e encontra tanta maneiras de ser feliz.Deus continue le abençoando e lhe fortalencendo.Nos te amamos muito..e estamos torcendo pela sua recuperaçao.
bjs de Victor e Ana

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