Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shoe Lover At Last!!!!

I finally get what the fuss is all about!!!!
Thanks to my "ugly feet," I've never been able to walk into a shoe store and buy as many shoes as I wanted. And that's not even talking about the cute or trendy section. I always had to go for the comfortable-and-definitely-not-the-most-attractive-shoes around. And even those, many times I had to return because my feet would hurt so much.
Since recovering from my second surgery, I've been SO excited to finally buy cute shoes and go on a shoe shopping spree. I might've gone a little overboard, but who cares? Being able to walk into DSW (of course I picked the largest store) and have SEVERAL cute shoes fit me was definitely a first, an exhilarating experience (possibly a shoe high?). I actually had to turn down some just because I wasn't ready to spend that much. And Easy Spirit online (unfortunately there are no stores in CT) has become my latest BFF. 
I am now the proud parent of several cute boots to wear in the winter and to work, and a few really really cute sandals for our Caribbean cruise in two weeks. I don't think I'll ever be able to do heels, even with new feet, but I'm very happy with my flat shoes.
Below is just a small sampling of them!!! My right foot was still a little swollen when I took these pics two weeks ago, that's why it doesn't go in all the way...and please don't mind my un-manicured feet, another habit that new feet will be breaking.
PS: Even though I have new feet, I am thinking that I may need more surgery....I'll write more about that next time.


elibap said...

awesome!!!! Jealous!!

Michele said...

Dsw has been the biggest blessing for shoes for me. I really wish they made more shoes for cmt suffers.

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