Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maybe It's Not Over Yet...

I went for my follow up with Dr. Feldman last week to see about the possibility of more surgery. It had been so long since I actually "walked" myself in that the receptionist was shocked (and happy for me, of course)! I was a little ticked off because I have literally never waited so much there...I was "Next" five times, it felt like he kept going in to see everyone else but me...anyway, moving on! When I finally did get to see Dr. Feldman he really couldn't explain why my outer calluses are back (one per foot). He had me walk back and forth a couple of times and said how my feet are perfectly aligned and how effective the first surgeries were.

He ended up coming to the conclusion that the outer ball of my foot is really exposed because we didn't pin those toes and they are still so bent that they naturally put pressure on that part of my foot. The problem seems to be completely fixed on the inner callus that used to be right below my big toe, which now has the metal pin in it. But before he can say that's what's really going on, he wants me to see another doctor at the hospital for a 2nd opinion who's a super genius in the field. He did say that he doesn't think the 3rd and 4th surgeries wouldn't be as intense as the first two. I would probably go straight into a walking cast and able to move. That would be awesome!

He then prescribed an orthotic type thing to wear in my shoes and see how that would work. I'm not against doing this for a short period of time but the whole reason I started this journey was to find "permanent" relief. I use the term permanent loosely since we know CMT is progressive and degenerative, but you get my point. Orthotics only work in certain shoes, won't work if I wanna wear flip flops or if I'm barefoot. And quite honestly, I've had quite a few that haven't helped me at all.

I also pretty much begged for pain meds and he agreed to give me an anti-inflammatory that should be good for the pain. I've been taking it for a week and I'm not really sure how much it's helping but I'm gonna keep trying. If this one doesn't work, I have another one in mind.

I told my new job about the possibility of more surgery and as much as "they want me to do what's best for me" I know they were not thrilled. It's too bad but it's not like I planned this. I also may have to scrap my planned visit to see my sisters and family in Brazil at the end of the year, which I'm really bummed about. But I'm really dedicated to work on these feet and have a better quality of life. I'm just gonna have to focus on the fact we just took an amazing vacation and that'll have to do for now.


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