Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feels Sooo Good to Walk Again!!!

I didn't realize just how much I had missed walking until last Friday, the day when I started walking without the help of crutches or walker (but still with the boot). It felt SOOOO good to move around the house, to help out, to be more independent.... It just really felt unbelievable to be able to move again after 2 months of much sitting and passing the time.

I guess the Gods heard my complaints last week and not only did I get to walk, but I actually also got to put on a bathing suit and hang out by the pool with my family. I also got to hang out with many friends from church at a fundraiser BBQ and watch the Brazil game together. Little by little it feels like life is going back to normal.

On Tuesday, I had another follow up appointment with Dr. Feldman and I am actually ready to walk on my boot, no crutches, no walker. He was so proud of his work and of my progress that he fake cried - that was actually pretty funny. He is so impressed that he said I am at 2 months where patients normally are at 6 months. Go me!!!! And to prove that my foot is really good, he smacked it around a bit lol. He decided that we will do nothing more to my left foot, no need to go in and take out the pins. He said I should be fine with them. And we also scheduled the surgery on my right foot for August 27...I am ready to get all of this done and back to my real life.

I walked out of his office in sneakers. It was very liberating, but also very weird. It's hard to describe but it just doesn't feel like it's a part of my body yet. So the last 2 days I've been pretty active (but not over-doing it) around the house. Unfortunately yesterday it started to bother me a lot and it was very swollen, like my own little watermelon. So today I am forbidden (by John) to walk. LOL. So I am back to using my walker and icing it a lot in hopes that it will go back down. I also have my first physical therapy appointment later today so that should be fun.

If I am learning anything from my experience, it's not to take life for granted. Sometimes we get boggled down by problems and the simplest things can upset or depress us and we may complain about how unfortunate we are. Well, if you are living, breathing, walking, and most importantly, if you're already have so much. The saying "You don't know what you have until you lose it" is so true. So don't wait til you "lose" things to realize how important they are. Just be grateful for today!


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