Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today I'm Feeling Like Superwoman!!!

Today has been a great day!!!!

As per doctor's orders, I've been practicing walking in my boot more and more. Yesterday I walked at the park for a little while and was even able to walk up 5 steps at our apartment building (I am back home in CT now).

But today I walked around the apartment and tidied things up: I put clothes away, I made our bed, I put dishes away in the dishwasher and fixed the table. I feel like a million bucks!!!!

After not being able to do much for myself over the last 7 weeks, it felt really nice to do something. To be able to be self-sufficient and not to have to ask for so much.

I'm very excited about how my recovery is going...and it's crazy that just this Tuesday I thought Dr. Feldman was nuts by telling me to walk!!! I guess he knew what he was talking about....


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