Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weeks 6 and 7: Time to see my foot again...

Before things got better, they got a little worse. After my last entry, I spent another week not being able to sleep well. One night I went to bed at 7am (after being up all night) and the next day at 8am. The day after that, I slept from 2am-6am. Needless to say, I was starting to get a little desperate and considered taking sleeping pills. But I held off, because I knew I was going home to CT to spend Memorial Day weekend with John. Thankfully, that's all the medicine I needed. I've been sleeping great ever since and I am definitely caught up on my rest.

I went to see my surgeon yesterday for my 6-week follow up and to take the cast off. First, I was really grateful to have lived such a healthy life up til this point and to not really have had many medical problems as a child and teenager. My doctor is actually a pediatric surgeon and he was having a very busy day so the waiting room was full and my heart went out to those families. Little children and young teens in casts, a young boy with so much metal sticking out of his body from hip surgery, and a boy with such a serious condition I never even knew existed. It just made me sad because they should be outside running and enjoying this nice weather. But the upside is that hopefully they'll have a pain-free and easier adult life than I've had.

So it's finally my turn and what a relief it was to finally have my foot free and get a little more comfortable. But to be honest, I thought it looked worse than it did 4 weeks ago. My skin is soooo dry and my foot actually looked really dark, it's like one foot tanned and the other didn't (see pics below). Since I've never had surgery before this, I was a little worried but Dr. Feldman reassured me that it's healing just fine. The scariest thing is that he wants me to start walking on it NOW...and not little by little, to start immediately with the boot. And I'll have to wait on physical therapy. He wants me to see him again in 3 weeks and he'll recommend it then when I'm more used to walking. He also said to bring sneakers for my next appointment...oh boy!!!!

When we got home, I have to admit, I was soooo sooo scared to put my foot down. I had no idea what to expect; well actually, I expected to feel a lot of pain. You spend 6 weeks protecting your foot from harm and from touching anything that it's kind of scary when you're given the green light. Thankfully John and my mom were here for moral support. After the first few steps, it wasn't too bad at all, until John noticed I was cheating and putting most of my weight on my arms! LOL. Well, after I got caught, it still wasn't too bad. It felt good to finally walk again with two feet.

Here are a couple of pictures of my "fraternal" doesn't look great, but I'll post better pictures once the scabs go away:


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