Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Very Own Power Chair!!!!

I got some amazing news this week. Someone I know from church, who truthfully I only met once but have worked together on a couple projects, bought me a power chair!!!! I am sooo excited to get it and to try it out. I've cut back on some activities over the past couple of years because they involved a lot of walking but I am so excited to go to a zoo, theme park, or the Big E (huge annual fair in MA) next year.

I am so thankful and grateful for this amazing gesture that was completely unexpected.

My new chair!!!!

PS: Thankfully my foot is healing and has been feeling so much better these last few days. I even drove myself to an appointment yesterday. Today, I pulled out my flip flops and finally ditched the walking boot for a couple of hours and I feel great. I am totally ready for work on Monday, but I am still being cautious and will wear my boot and bring the crutches. I've gone from nervous to excited! I'm ready to go!


I'm Nic. said...

Fantastic! The world can really be a warm, friendly, wonderful place...can't it! Enjoy your new wheels!

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