Tuesday, November 30, 2010

9 Shoes in 2 Days

Oh the joys of a CMT'er!!! Shoe shopping is not as fun like it is for the rest of the world. Being a shopaholic is definitely not even a question. And shopping with one foot completely healed while the other is still a bit swollen is also not an easy feat. But the truth of the matter is that I am now DAYS away from starting my new job (holy crikey!!) and I need at least a couple of shoes I can wear to the office.

I took advantage of Cyber Monday yesterday and bought 6 pairs of shoes from Target. Got a great deal + free shipping...YAY ME!!! Unfortunately they didn't have any you-can-wear-me-to-work-type shoes so I mainly bought cute boots and comfy slippers. And today we took a trip to DSW where I bought 3 possible please-wear-me-to-work shoes. But as I always did pre-surgeries, I have never bought shoes that didn't go through a rigorous pre-screening regimen at home before they were actually worn outside, so I could always return those deemed unfit - no pun intended.

Now why am I not sounding so confident now that I have 2 brand new feet? Well, my surgeon and I talked about not putting any pins to straighten out my hammer toes because he thought that when he brought up the arch, they would straighten out a lot more on their own and also, since we were already putting so much metal in my foot, that was not exactly an area that needed the metal. That would be more of a cosmetic change.

Well, NOW I wish I had gone for the cosmetic change because it would be easier to shoe shop and my hammer toes, which did not straighten much, wouldn't be a problem in this equation. So wish me luck as I try to hold on to at least half of these shoes over the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hammertoes. *insert your choice expletive here* Hammertoes.
In my experience, work shoes are also the trickiest to come by. But yay comfy shoes and slippers!

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