Monday, May 30, 2011

Time to Get Back to Exercising!!!!

I am still thankfully feeling amazing!!! This has been a great week...I have actually been a great housewife...cooked two dinners (John's been a happy man!), cleaned the entire house, hosted some dear friends from NJ for breakfast, and enjoyed a great weekend with Miss Pretty Shoes. I am so happy that this blog introduced us and I'm really happy to have her as a friend.

My mom came over on Friday night and she said she could see the change in me and my friends said they could see a different twinkle in my eye. Well, I am just so sooo sooooo grateful to be getting up in the morning with a clear head and without the burden of the pain in my legs. I just feel ready to get back to life!!!

So I want to start exercising again...and by exercising, I don't mean anything hardcore to lose weight or build muscles. I just want to get my body moving a little bit, get my blood circulation going, and just do a little to have even more energy. My dad is an eBay addict, so I recruited him with the task of finding me an exercise bike and the only requirement was that it was a recumbent exercise bike so I can lean back and enjoy my TV shows while riding so I won't even notice the time passing.

It took him no time to find this great bike, right in NYC, for a great price!!! Today we found a great place for it in our living room, right in front of the TV (gotta stay motivated) and I've already done my first exercise!!!! Now I want to get into a routine of waking up a few minutes early to start my day on the right note  :)


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