Sunday, July 10, 2011

Up and About....

Thankfully everything went really well with my surgery on Friday...the hardest thing about the procedure was waking up when it was time to go home. I was just so comfortable and warm that the nurse that kept trying to wake me up really annoyed me. My Dr. was really pleased with the surgery and said everything went great. I guess compared to the two uber-complicated procedures last year, you could tell this was a piece of cake when we were in the car and driving home at 11:30am of the same day!!!!

I slept on and off all day Friday, which really messed up my body clock; I could barely sleep that night. And since my first day/nights have always been the hardest, this also couldn't be any different, even if on a smaller scale. Part of the reason I couldn't sleep is that the nerve on my right callus kept "zinging" me all night long, it was like aftershocks over and over that couldn't allow me to fall asleep.

Slowly but surely!
Day 2 went much better and I fought to stay awake all day. As per doctor's orders, I put on shoes and moved around the house a little bit. He said I could use crutches, but since I have no balance I chose to go with my good friend "The Walker." It was a little strange to walk so quickly post-op but at the same time I'm so relieved things are so much easier this time around. I definitely couldn't deal with 6 weeks in a cast right now. Night 2 went much better than the first and was very restful and today I'm catching up on my emails and all my reading...

I want to share something I just found out about through a great CMT group on Facebook. It was my first time reading The Spoon Theory but it definitely won't be the last. Christine Miserandino describes her "invisible disease" in a way that really connected with me and maybe in a way that I haven't been able to express to others before. So please take a few minutes and read The Spoon Theory HERE.

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Melissa said...

Hi Michelle! I just came upon your blog through the Nattering Nic blog. I also have CMT, and so does my daughter. I would love to connect with you on facebook or through email!


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