Monday, March 19, 2012

Yay and Nay!

Today is a happy and sad day for me....After MUCH deliberation and soul searching, I quit my job. Yup! I've been putting this off for months now hoping that I'd start to feel better, bounce back and continue with my regular routine. Working and doing physical therapy has taken a huge toll on my body and I've been exhausted and in a lot of pain! My bosses were super nice and of them even volunteered to have a dress down day at work to raise awareness and money for research...

As scary as it was to talk to my bosses, I have to say I'm pretty relieved it's all out in the open and that the decision has been made. I always struggle with making the decision but once that's done, I'm glad to follow through. It's sad to leave a job I really like at a great company. It's sad to think I'm only 31 and these are the cards I'm being dealt at the moment but I'm also very happy to know I won't have to deal with obligations, that I won't have to make myself get up in the mornings when the pain is too strong or call out sick. I'm happy that I'll be more rested and I'll get to do my physical therapy and pool therapy each week. I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy life a little more and not throw myself in bed to rest every day after coming home.

I'm praying that God will lead the way and that things will be ok. At least it's spring and the weather is starting to cheer up. Really hope that CMT will take a back seat in my life now that I'm accommodating it.


Anonymous said...

Hi sis,

As I read these words I am overcome with a lot of hope and FAITH that things are following a bigger plan. You still have a lot to accomplish in life and maybe, now is the time to find out all the good you can do.

Having to quit at 31 a profession you love and a company that valued you cannot be easy and is not something to be overlooked. But you are strong and you are never alone. I love you and am rooting for you!

-- Kalila

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