Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Life...

I feel like it's been ages since I worked, when in reality, it has only been three weeks. I really hit the ground running with projects around the house, planning our summer wedding reception, cooking a lot more, doing physical and hydro therapy twice a week, and returning to my activities at church.

It was definitely an easy adjustment into this new life...I am still tired and in pain, but thankfully my pain levels have decreased and I've been able to take one less pain pill a day...The therapy sessions have been more challenging and I feel myself getting stronger. The one major difference is that I can manage to do these things, even though I still get tired easily, but now I can rest for an hour or so between them. Before, I'd work during the day, come home tired, and have to pack it all in the evening hours, leading to my zombie/drained lifestyle of the last few months.

I am really grateful that I can stay home now and that I can focus on my health. Thankfully, the sadness of leaving work has passed and I have started to embrace the new and positive improvements in my day to day life. They say that when a door closes, another I'm really trying to enjoy the new door that has opened in my life...I feel like the last chapter may have been a bit bleak, but this new one has certainly turned into:


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