Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not Quite a Walk in the Park

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day...sunny and in the 80's. I spent some of my day in bed looking out the window at the beautiful day wishing I could go out and enjoy it as if there was nothing keeping me from doing that.

Thankfully, my dad was thinking the same thing. He was so adorable and got out of work early to come home to take me to the park. I was really excited to be able to enjoy the sun a little. However, I didn't realize what a mission it would be to go out. As my mom put it, it felt like they were going out with a baby (aka ME) with all the preparation and stuff needed just for us to go out. My dad went and packed the wheelchair in the trunk, then all my essentials went in my mom's purse (chapstick, phone, camera, wallet and meds), we needed my comfy pillow to support my foot during the car ride, water so I could take my pain meds and the walker so I could get to the stairs.

I am really phobic of stairs so I would never even attempt to go down on crutches. I got myself to the top of the stairs on my walker and then dropped down to go on my butt. Going down wasn't so bad....coming up was another story.

It was really nice going to the park though. I love this time of year when everyone comes out of hiding. It was great to be out and get some fresh air. As my dad pushed me around, it was a little weird to get so many stares. People, have you never seen anybody in a cast before? Geez Louise!!! Even though it was nice to be out, the body tires easily so at the end of the first lap I was ready to come home.

Arriving at home, I brought myself up the stairs by sitting on them again and that's when the exhaustion really hit me. I had to go up slower and take a couple breaks here and there. I felt triumphant when I got to the top of stairs and rewarded myself by throwing my body onto the bed and relaxing for a while.

And today...hello sore muscles!!! It seriously feels like I went to the gym and lifted weights (come to think of it, I did lift my 120 lb. body up the stairs). Everything is sore! Owwww. Even though it hurts I'm proud of myself for being able to do it and I definitely need to keep up my physical therapy and even use the stairs more to build up some strength.

Obviously it was so hard because this was the first time. I'm wondering if I will actually for once in my life have some nice muscles in my arms at the end of this. I know it's too early to tell but one can dream....


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