Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bittersweet Feeling...

It's been six and a half weeks since my 2nd surgery...time flies, I know. It only doesn't fly as you're actually living it and sitting on your bum so much. Now that I look back, where did the time go? It's been almost 7 months since my 1st surgery and I can still vividly remember everything about it. My year-long journey in search of a better quality of life with less pain is coming to an end.

I still remember my search for surgeons last November and December...almost 1 year ago to the date, a crazy surgeon told me that I was "beyond repair." Where were his manners? I bawled my eyes that night. And now I have two new feet. One that is already working beautifully and another that is already on its way. I started to walk again this week and tonight I even walked myself into a Chipotle...Delish! (Kalila, that was for

I am feeling many things as I reflect about my 2010...the anxiety of not knowing what was going to happen, the happiness with the results, the boredom of sitting at home, feeling like I've accomplished what I set out to do, happy that I am going home tomorrow, and really sad that I am leaving my parents' house for good this time.

I know I am 29, but if it wasn't for this wonderful boy I fell in love with 6 years ago, I would never leave home. Think Monica and Rachel in Friends when Monica had to live with a boy!! Sure, my parents do drive me mad sometimes, but I love it here. So so much. And sure, John and I moved in together almost 2 years ago (LOL) but I've always been here so 2009, I was commuting like a madwoman from CT to NJ for work and I'd sleep here at least twice a week and still go to church every week and in 2010 we moved further away but I've spent 4 months here, receiving the best care in the world and lots of TLC. So I am really excited to go to my "real" home tomorrow with John and continue living our lives, go house hunting and go back to work next month....all these things I've really been wanting to do and that I am blessed that I can do.

But now that my bags are packed and I know this time is for good I am sitting here writing this entry and crying. Goodbyes are never easy so it's just see you later (I can be so dramatic!). I'm sure my mom will be at my house this weekend to check up on me and bring me food.

Muito obrigado por tudo!
Eu te amo mainha e painho.

The 3 of us ready for round 2

The boy
(unfortunately I look much better in the pic above in the hospital...go figure!)


elibap said...

what a wonderful post. Goodbyes are so bittersweet but wow how lucky you are that you have so many people that you love and you can go and visit your parents whenever you want.

Good luck with the move and new adjustments!

Anonymous said...

"Good-bye is the last thing we say before our next hello."

OK - I totally made up cheezy. I'm in a Velveeta kinda mood.

Wonderful boys are the best kind of boys. Hang onto him! :)

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