Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CMT at the Tea ... Part 2

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I am a little behind on my blog, but I guess I'm catching up tonight. The Women's Tea took place on May 12 and it was a wonderful experience. I am so glad that I got to meet Jeana in person, who drove 6 hours from PA and spent two nights in CT; and hang out with Lynne and Ruth Ann outside of our CMT meetings. It was great to sit down with these lovely ladies and get to know more about them, their lives, and their CMT story.

Yours truly, Jeana, Ruth Ann, and Lynne
We weren't quite sure how interested the guests would be to learn more about CMT or if they'd just stop by the table, grab a tchotchke and run for their lives before we got a chance to say hello. We were pleasantly surprised when so many of the guests not only came over to our table, but stayed! They were SOOO interested in finding out more about CMT, in hearing our stories, and asked many questions. A common theme that we got was: "But you all look so normal!"....ummmmm, yes we do! Normally this phrase irritates me, but I could tell they didn't mean it in a negative way...they were really just not sure what to expect of this condition they never heard of.

Jeana had a chance to speak in front of the group and we collected some additional donations throughout the event. I was extremely grateful to have my old firm choose to highlight CMTA in my raise awareness and to truly showed me their support and that they appreciated me. I was grateful for the opportunity to meet Jeana and to hear so much about the CMTA, its programs and current definitely gave me hope that maybe something will happen in my lifetime to help those of us suffering with this condition and I feel even better that I was able to participate in a fundraiser event, however small, but it gave me a great sense of accomplishment!


Melissa said...

Look at you, raising awareness for CMT! It sounds like it was a very successful and fun event! You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

You combined fun, fundraising and awareness about CMT. That, my dear, is the trifecta! Well done lady!

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